Angeles (Installation View 2). Joe Fletcher Orr. Courtesy the Artist. Image Grundy Art Gallery

Angeles (Close-up). Joe Fletcher Orr. Courtesy the Artist. Image Grundy Art Gallery

Angeles, Neon, 2016 @Grundyartgallery


The Game pt3, 2015, metal balls signed by everyone in the show


HULK, 2015, Bronze


Ribbon, 2015, found neon


Orranorco, rug, 2016

Installation image 5, Joe  Fletcher Orr, 1

Look after yourself, 2015 (SAD Light)


An Average Joe, 2015, Hand carved baseball bat


Untitled, (Portrait of the artist with Curators Lynda morris & Richard Parry), Oil painting



The Game, 2014, Football signed by everyone in the exhibition (SMALL Rome)


The Game pt2, 2015 (Football signed by everyone in the exhibtion) at The Grundy

Go Joe copy

Go Joe! 2014, screenprinted foam hands worn by Gallerists during the exhibition private view (Daniel Mcmilan text)

Under the thumb copy

Under the Thumb, 2014 Framed C-type print hung at head height

spray tan

Streaker, 2014, spray tanned silhouette on gallery wall and carried out by the curator


Turnt Down, 2014, Neon (I would like to join a club and hit myself with it)


Just-eat, 2014, Edible exhibition hand out at Castlefield gallery

"For the exhibition I Would Like to Join a Club and Hit Myself with It (Castlefield Gallery 11th July- August 17th 2014), Orr proposed that the interpretation for the exhibition be printed on rice paper with edible ink, and be made available for visitors to eat. Just Eat 2014 was a play on the idea of literally consuming information and the ephemeral nature of exhibition handouts. The work also related to other works in the exhibition, which expressed the way it is often difficult to distinguish the content of contemporary art works from the structures of exhibitions and institutions."


Decoy, 2013, Coyote decoy, bag of clay

window web_o

Double glazed windows, windowcleaner, 2013


The Bouncer, 2013, Bouncy castle, bouncer